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Cheap Vibrators Galore
Yes, the economy is horrible but thank goodness that we have an abundance of cheap vibrators. keep posted for the top toys of the month.
Is that really a cheap vibrator?

With technology and competition growing day by day, cheap vibrators quality rivals those that are 2-5 times competitors prices.  It is very easy nowadays to find a toy that you would think costs an arm and a leg due to it’s features and quality, but is priced sub $20 - certainly a bang for the buck.

Best Vibrator for 2011

2011 is shaping up to be a great year for the sex toy industry. Are you trying to find the Best Vibrator for 2011? Research and read product reviews on the Best Vibrator website.  With real user reviews and providing the best prices available on the net, you can’t beat it.

Best Vibrator for Newbies?

There really is no “best vibrator" for everyone. Different strokes for different folks as people say.  There are, however, certain things to look for that may suit you. Shape, Size, Material, Strength, Options, Price etc.  All these things have been discussed in further detail at’s blog.  Click the link to view the "What Goes Into Choosing The Best Vibrator" article now!

Vibrator Necklace?

Now you can wear your best vibrator around your neck. This interesting vibrator doubles as a necklace. Not only that, but it is waterproof in case you want to play in the water. You can find this vibrator currently available at

Your vibrator has different speeds, so use it!

Most battery and electric vibrators have multiple speeds settings, so have a good time mixing between these speeds during foreplay. Try the lowest setting for sensual play, then increase the speed when she nears orgasm to give her the pleasure of her life. The goal here is to always keep her guessing, making her more aware of sensations.

Vibrating Bikini’s - What will they think of next?!

Feel like having some fun in the sun and sand? Enjoy the beach…i mean…REALLY ENJOY the beach. Here is the vibrating bikini which is quite interesting. Play volleyball, build a sand castle, or take a walk on the boardwalk while getting off with this bullet vibrator. This may just be the best vibrator yet!

Variety is the spice of sex toy life

There are all types of vibrators available at the moment and the most recognizable is the Rabbit vibrator, and now you can even get double bunny vibrators for anal play. You can also get jelly vibrators for a softer touch. Try a realistic vibrator or just the opposite, a discreet vibrators which you can put on display without anyone even knowing what it is. Experiment and try all different types of toys! Journey on to find the best vibrator.

Sex and the City Rabbit Pearl Vibrator Quote

This comes directly from Sex and the City with Miranda suggesting her best vibrator :

Carrie: I’m not going to replace a man with some battery-operated device.

Miranda: You haven’t met ‘The Rabbit.’

Samantha: Oh come on, if you’re going to get a vibrator, at least get one called ‘The Horse.’